​Fifteen students sign up for a forensic sculpture workshop. They must put aside aesthetic considerations, and work with scientific rigor to give face to the fifteen skulls in the room. These are cold cases, literally skeletons in the closet, and this is a last ditch effort to give dead bones a face, and the possibility of identification. Each artist is guided by a larger purpose: to get the face ‘right’ so that it strikes a spark of recognition in someone. DNA testing will then confirm or deny identification. Art, science and technology come together in this rare initiative. Some of the artists can’t help but become sleuths who will not rest until the mystery of their skull has been solved. The themes of this film span life and death, history, memory and identity, and the enduring legacy of art when pressed to the service of society. 


​Art students trained in anatomical drawing and écorché collaborate with a forensic artist and a medical examiner to "give face" to the skulls of unidentified victims of crime. An unusual, even obsessive attachment develops wherein the artist/creator will not rest until her reconstruction has been identified and the past laid to rest.


​Anna Wakitsch works on her skull,

a white/Asian female aged 30 to 50.

Marco Palli works on his skull,

a white male aged 40 to 60.

Director & Producer: Nilita Vachani ​

Director of Photography:​ Eythan Maidhof

Second Camera: Ed Barnes

Sound Recordist: Nil Tiberi

Assistant Director/Editor​: Yonca Talu